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Welcome to our firm of maritime and commercial solicitors that pride themselves on their integrity, speed of response and experience in their specialist areas of expertise.

We are not just there to help when things go wrong but can help you with both contentious and non-contentious issues and provide a comprehensive 24/7 maritime casualty response.


Our backgrounds include working in other City firms both here in London and in other maritime hubs. An integral part of the team are master mariners with extensive sea going experience. Our model rests on a key internal team but we work with a range of consultants on a project by project basis to allow a range of expertise to be brought to bear.


We know that you will want good, sensible advice that you can trust, delivered quickly which responds to your commercial priorities to allow you to make decisions understanding what the legal consequences maybe. Further, you will want advice at sensible prices and we are confident that our flexible approach to fees  will mean that the standard hourly rate is simply one of many options.

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