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Iran undertakes not to let Grace 1 cargo be delivered to EU Sanctioned entity

Iran undertakes not to let Grace 1 cargo be delivered to EU Sanctioned entity. Confusion surrounds the last minute US intervention in the Grace 1 case. The matter came back before the Supreme Court today under the Gibraltar sanctions legislation. Th eSupreme Court seems to have suggested that no application was made (or at least […]

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Could BMP 5 and the use of a citadel have prevented the capture of the Stena Impero?   »

The UK Sunday papers rightly are questioning why “we” wern’t prepared for the Iranian reaction to the detention of the Grace 1 (language matters here – Gibraltar have lawfully “detained” the Grace 1 and Iran have unlawfully “captured” the Stena Impero). There is no legal equivalence between the two events. Indeed Lawrence Freeman asks the […]

Grace 1 – Gibraltar passes new law to seize ship and exposes “British” tankers to reciprocal action by Iran   »

Image Source: https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/panama-says-it-cut-iran-oil-tanker-from-boat-registry-after-terrorism-alert The reaction of the Iranian government to the boarding of the Grace 1off Gibraltar has been swift and direct reciprocal action has been threatened against “British” ships. Whether that is British flagged as opposed to British managed or operated ships, is unclear. But in the light of the recent attacks on tankers in […]

Stephen Askins listed in latest edition of ‘The Best Lawyers’   »

Tatham & Co partner Stephen Askins has been listed in the latest edition of ‘The Best Lawyers in the United Kingdom’ for his working in shipping.


The “Renos” – the Supreme Court rules that SCOPIC charges are not to be taken into account in calculating a constructive total loss

There were two issues for the Supreme Court to decide in the Renos.[1]  The first was whether, under section 60(2)(ii) of the Marine Insurance Act 1906 (“the Act”), the “cost of repairing the damage” to the vessel in the computation of a constructive total loss (CTL) included expenditure already incurred before the notice of abandonment was […]

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Front Altair and Kokuka Courageous Incidents   »

In light of the FRONT ALTAIR and KOKUKA COURAGEOUS incidents this week it is likely that the remaining handful of international salvors will now up their presence in and resources from the UAE, so as to respond in the event of further attacks. Some may mobilise under responder agreements but where, as in the case […]


My Song – Reaching for the reputational high notes?

One can only imagine the owner’s visceral shock of seeing the My Song wallowing in distress in the Atlantic after going overboard as deck cargo from the yacht-carrying cargo vessel. Yacht transportation allowing safe repositioning of vessels between seasons is big business. Losing such a high profile yacht is a crisis in any ones books and […]

Fujairah Attacks – JWC Amends Listed Area – Act of War or Terrorism?   »

After an extraordinary meeting and in the light of the growing uncertainty in the region the Joint War Committee has moved quickly to amend the Listed Areas so the waters of the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman west of 58 degrees East are now seen as an area of perceived enhanced risk. That amendment […]

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Towing the line on defining salvage   »

When can an unexpected problem that happens part-way through an operation under a towage contract legally be said to have turned it into a salvage operation? In this article Simon Tatham looks at some borderline cases and the guiding principles to have in mind.

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