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Crisis management

A loss of reputation cannot be insured and yet once lost the damage to a business can be serious. We have hands on experience of some of the biggest maritime casualties helping decision makers make sense of a fast evolving situation where information is scarce. We have an innate understanding of the long term consequences of short term decision making. Our experience in the insurance sector allows to advise on potential liabilities working with insurers where necessary in both marine and non-marine sector.      

Maritime Crisis Management

A full blown crisis has the ability to de-rail the everyday running of a company. More often the trigger event is not the root cause and many accidents and incidents have a number of steps all involving decisions made by individuals which when analysed separately seem to have no importance. Averting a crisis is about assessing risk and thinking imaginatively about what could go wrong. We have been involved in many high profile cases where we have learned many hard lessons bit which allow us to know that we are able to guide a company through those early days putting them in a position to then respond to the inevitable witch hunt with confidence.