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Collection of evidence

Gathering of evidence and preserving privilege is critical.  We routinely investigate, analyse and prepare evidence relating to all maritime incidents often flying to the area to provide immediate assistance to the crew and to take statements. This includes:

  • collisions
  • fires
  • heavylift incidents
  • seaworthiness
  • groundings
  • salvage
  • mechanical or structural failures
  • piracy and kidnappings

We have ex-mariners who travel to the casualty to collect and process information downloaded from VDRs and other ship’s equipment. We work with clients and experts to interpret this to obtain an accurate picture of what has happened, to understand where liability is likely to fall  and which jurisdiction may therefore be more appropriate to have the ship move to as a port of refuge or repair.

An important first move is often to secure the services of a good lawyer in the local jurisdiction to protect the interests of the crew. Criminalisation of crew is a growing trend as maritime incidents in particular are often tainted with local politics. It is not unusual to have one of our partners in a local court supporting the crew and ensuring that their voices are heard and active in the negotiation of their release from detention.

We know we can bring value to a crisis management team and liaise with brokers and P & I Clubs in the process.