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Casualty response

The biggest issue in those first moments is lack of information and only a partial understanding of what is happening. Often the incident will be over the horizon and in a maritime setting crew members will have been arrested making fact finding even more difficult. As we know often it is not the event itself which causes the most damage but the response. The inability to respond in a world where social media is ready to condemn even where no fault has been found, is critical. 

We have over 200 years working with all stakeholders in the immediate aftermath of a casualty. We provide 24 hour casualty response capability. Between us we have direct hands-on experience in many of the world’s headline cases:

  • Braer
  • Erika
  • Evoikos
  • Faina
  • Herald of Free Enterprise
  • Hyundai Fortune
  • ICL Vikraman c/w Mount 1
  • Marchioness Thames disaster
  • MSC Napoli
  • Penlee Lifeboat disaster
  • Prestige
  • Rocknes
  • Sealand Express
  • Tricolour