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Salvage, LOF and SCOPIC

LOF remains the contract of choice in salvage situations.  With fewer LOF incidents, fewer operators, claims executives or lawyers with hands-on experience our experience has time and again added value to our clients. Our team retains this expertise and has handled literally hundreds of LOF cases, for salvors and for owners, big or small.

Marine Salvage, LOF & SCOPIC Law

We are proud to act for large professional salvors operating internationally but also have a growing number of regional salvor clients ranging from North and South America, across Europe and Scandinavia to the Far East.

We fully expect to be called 24/7, day or night, to work with our clients, assisting critical decision making – here in particular our long experience, legal and commercial expertise can be harnessed.

Not infrequently we are called by the operators’ local counsel who seek guidance and assistance and we will work as a team towards the best outcomes.

We are set up to handle multi-bill of lading cases.

We advise on SCOPIC and common law salvage claims (where no contract may exist) where it may agreed on an ad hoc basis to have the matter resolved privately at arbitration in London. In other cases we handle the negotiation of a salvage claim so as to achieve realistic settlements in sensible time-frames, saving the inconvenience and cost of litigation.

Where claims are litigated.