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Wreck removal contracts

A straightforward wreck removal situation is rare. Whether or not in a remote location, inevitably environmental or political pressures arise. Achieving agreement on allocation of risk is also key.  We understand the issues, and our team have worked for both salvors and ship owning interests.

There is no substitute for experience in this field. With an innate appreciation of the challenges that arise and the objectives of stakeholders and their teams, we deliver commercially realistic advice and support. In short, we help get the job done.

With salvors frequently engaged initially under LOF, we also understand the overlapping issues that arise where SCOPIC is invoked and the transition through caretaker and bunker removal agreements to a wreck removal contract.

We support clients throughout the tendering process and negotiating phases, and the delivery of a carefully drafted WRECKHIRE, WRECKSTAGE or WRECKFIXED contract.

We work with leading experts on oil pollution and the London Dumping Convention to ensure that the strategy proposed is lawful and effective.

We are not shy to deploy to site to undertake a leading role in discussions with local authorities.