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We are confident that we can handle any issue that arises under the wide array of specialist charterparties that exist in the market. You will be reassured by our experience and the fact that we pride ourselves in adopting a commercial approach to your problems with an innate understanding of dispute resolution based on many years working closely with owners, Charterers and cargo owners.

Charterparty Disputes

In a challenging market with historical low rates of hire disputes need to be resolved quickly. Vessels are still exposed to danger or potential unsafe ports and charterers will still stem poor bunkers  or wrongly terminate charters and contractual issues need to be resolved. You will want your lawyers to have an eye on cost and preserving contractual relations. If matters do escalate then Tatham & Co are confident that our team will be able to steer you through a dispute resolution process that suits the circumstances either by way of mediation or arbitration.  We are also used to working with foreign partners who can deal with issues that arise in foreign jurisdictions.