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Dispute resolution

Disputes are often unavoidable but there is now a basket of dispute resolution options to ensure that you are not embroiled in a fight which detracts from your every-day business. However, you do want someone who will fight your corner but in a way that is proportionate and with an eye on the commercial outcome.

Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Our team has decades of dispute resolution experience including mediations as well as arbitrating under all of the main dispute regimes including in the High Court here in London.

Shipping is an international business and often we are working with foreign lawyers coordinating actions in other jurisdictions. That may include arresting assets to get security for a claim or defending the same particularly in disputes over “sisterships” or ships in the same management where proving that they are owned by the same beneficial ownership becomes crucial. With Brexit still in the air issues of jurisdiction will no doubt come back into consideration and are well attuned to the issues that may arise.