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Complex environments

Countries like Libya and Yemen remain fraught with risk as rival factions vie for power and supremacy or seek to disrupt the country’s ability to trade. There have been examples of vessels struck by missiles or caught in air raids in both countries.

Crimea, Iran and Sudan have sanctions in place and others may follow. Sanctions can expose a carrier to criminal offences, particularly if they are not certain of the relevant regime, whether it is imposed by an individual country or by the EU. In Nigeria there is still confusion after the 2015 election over the maritime security regime and what is allowed in terms of physical security. If you are trading oil product in or out of Nigeria you will already have had to deal with the requirement for Letters of Comfort.

Our team has first hand knowledge of dealing with such issues. Whether you are a charterer or an owner you will want to know:

  • whether an order to proceed is lawful
  • if trouble arises in port whether you can leave and what the consequences of that are
  • whether relevant ports are legally safe
  • the duty towards crews and
  • the obligations towards cargo.

Countries are not just rendered complex by their politics. As new water-ways and oil fields open up through places like the Arctic and with vessels trading to ever more isolated places, serious issues can arise.