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Marine Lawyers & Legal Experts

We are a maritime law firm composed of a team of marine lawyers and specialists who lead with knowledge, integrity and passion for their industries. These industries include shipping, aviation, international trade, insurance and piracy. Our combined centuries’ worth of practice means we come backed with a history of invaluable experience and knowledge, but we always look to the future in the success of our clients.  We lead in our industry because we are particularly progressive, and we continue to grow and evolve.

We are based in the city of London, but we are proud to operate internationally with professional knowledge and relationships in a vast array of countries. Our strong team of industry experts are available for all your legal needs, whether for everyday issues or emergency cases.  

Within our team of respected and plaudited experts, you can find well known and established leaders in dispute resolution, commodities, casualties and terrorism. We are proud to have a team of individuals who identified gaps in the industry and carved out a niche of expertise that people can not find at the same level anywhere else. Learn more about our incredible team members and all they can offer you by clicking below.